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Epperson House

After an injury or illness, you might need time and medical care to recover and regain your mobility. Wesley Village understands how a painful or debilitating injury can negatively affect your ability to lead a productive and satisfying life. Our short-term rehabilitation unit is an ideal setting for you to receive professional care and assistance to restore your independence and quality of life. We manage a staff of well-trained and personable medical staff with ample experience in helping clients recover from various injuries or illnesses. With our help, you can get back to your regular daily life with your range of motion, strength, and dexterity back in operation.

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Fast Track Recovery at Wesley Village

Wesley Village recognizes that some individuals need a temporary stay at a professional facility with a rehabilitation schedule. You get access to our Fast Track Program while staying at our rehabilitation center, focusing on quickly getting you in and out of therapy without cutting corners. After completing our program successfully, you can return to your home as soon as possible. We maintain a commitment to each rehabilitation resident’s success. If full recovery is not possible, our Health Care Center may be an ideal option for residents to move into. We also have outpatient therapy available for those needing to build their strength while remaining in the community.

Guiding You Through Rehabilitation

Completing the process at our rehabilitation center will take time to ensure you recover enough to return home and manage your daily life confidently. We guide you through the following rehabilitation steps:

  1. You can transfer to Wesley Village’s rehabilitation center after your hospital stay.
  2. Our highly trained therapy department and your doctor will evaluate you to develop a program that meets your needs.
  3. You are now ready to start your therapy.
  4. We conduct weekly program evaluations and set new goals for you.
  1. We continue your therapy while setting a target goal to transition you back to your home.
  2. A home visit will be scheduled with you and your Aegis therapist to eliminate problems you might face after returning home.
  3. We schedule a discharge date.

Serving Clients Throughout West Central Illinois

Wesley Village is ready to provide caring, professional rehabilitation services after your injury or illness. We are proud of our level of care and success at helping clients recover quickly, so they can return home and continue their lives as soon as possible.

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